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MBA Exchange - Dynamic Retrofit
To call this my "latest" work is a stretch by any definition of the word, but it was one of the most unique projects I've done to date so I decided to include it.

Eschewing the normal process by which I design nearly every piece of a site – the owners of this firm wanted me simply to retrofit their existing site to make it dynamically editable. To do this though I had to tear the site down to its foundation and then build it back up with the semblance of complete continuity.

It's difficult to illustrate the back-end code that went into this (I actually briefly considered posting images of the PHP code) so the images above are from parts of the site which were heavily worked over with server scripts. Pages like the News, Resources, and Testimonials pages are now quick and easy to update. And the forms and feeback pages now validate and direct clients directly via the client's email system.

Constructed with the full arsenal of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, BBEdit, and Freehand.