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This project was a lot of fun. The client already has a fully-functional website in hand, but they just wanted to see a few different directions for their site. I was hired to do nothing but layout.

Naturally, there were certain restrictions that applied. The color scheme was fairly rigid (although they did want to see a few different accent color), as were the fonts, logo, and Classical Greek references. However, this didn't slow me down like I thought it would. In fact, if anything, the rigidity of the banking aesthetic lent solidity to the design.

The mockups for this site were drafted in Freehand and then sliced up in Photoshop and exported to Fireworks which created the basis of the quick'n'dirty web designs I showed the client online. Fully functional rollovers, CSS, and live text mean that the client could envision what this site would look like, and I have way less work when the client decides to move to the next phase.

All in all, a great win-win.