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Biola University - Torrey Honors Institute
As I should have expected from a University, this project ended up being as much a research project as it was design work. From writing copy to interviewing professors, and from photography to politics – this project pushed the boundaries of what I normally think of as design.

I was present with this great group of 20 college students from morning to night - taking notes, shooting pictures, interviewing professors and folks in Berkeley to try and record the history of this program before it is forgotten.

Once I was back home in LA I mocked up a layout of the site in no time, then began the illustration of banners for each class since 1998. I've posted some of my favorites here.

However, once these were done the most challenging part still lay ahead - writing copy for the site. The professors, students, and administration all had favorite spots they wanted written up - and I hadn't heard of most of them at the time.

By the end of this project I can honestly say I know and enjoy the Bay Area much more. It was a wonderful way to spend a few weeks, and a powerful way to develop competencies in areas I probably wouldn't have otherwise.