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Mobile Cause Illustrations
This illustration work was a partnership with the great guys over at The Collectiv. I was hired to illustrate this artwork for print & web. Basicall, the idea is that our generation has power — through cell phones — to bring about change in the world.

Ultimately, these illustrations will be rolled out across the web, print, cell phones, and motion graphics – some of which I have also been involved with.

The copy on this project was very brief but that didn't mean the client had low expectations. On the contrary, this artwork went through several rounds of tweaking until everyone was satisfied with the outcome – but it was well worth the wait.

I wish I could spend a hour explaining the client's great vision, the ways that David (at the Collectiv) plans on implementing that across multiple projects, and how I was able to stand in the gap and express it all visually. But I can't. Talk to me about sometime or feel free to email me if you're still interested.

This project spent most of it's short life in Illustrator but, to be fair, it was born in Freehand where I created the "cause" icons before developing the ribbon aesthetic.